We’re Looking For a Few Good Topics

cropped-flying-books.jpgThe MALA Interlibrary Loan Special Interest Group is seeking proposals for topic ideas [and presenters] for short informational webcasts specific to interlibrary loan. With your help, we’ll generate a list of topics that would appeal to a broad audience of ILL practitioners, but be of specific interest to library staff associated with MALA.

Here are some ideas we have considered to get you started. Topics might include, but are not limited to:
• Using the MALA label maker
• Moving your MALA Courier buddies to the top of your OCLC custom holding paths
• Sending overdue notices to other libraries
• Promoting Interlibrary Loan to your patrons
• Steps to take when lending material goes AWOL…

So let the brainstorming begin! Please respond to this post with as many suggestions as you would like. Give us the general topic and then a step or two if you’re the expert. Submit a question if there’s a topic you’ve always wondered about. If you prefer, you may submit topics and / or questions to our email address: malaillsig@mid-americalibraryalliance.org

Thanks for your interest and responses!

MALA Interlibrary Loan SIG


About janbrooks1

By day I’m an interlibrary loan librarian who loves to think about all things library–sharing resources, information literacy, and how we play and learn. And when I go home, I am passionate about growing and cooking good food for the ones I love. And quilting.
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