ILL SIG Committee Introductions: Megan

Hello, my name is Megan Molinaro and I am currently a Library Technician for Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  I discovered the ILL SIG group this past year through the unConference.  It was exciting to get to hang out with other professionals like myself seeking guidance from each other.  I was so impressed, I jumped at the chance to apply as a Member at Large for the group.

I have been working in ILL or resource sharing since college—so nearly 8 years now.  I was an ILL student assistant at Knox College for four years, took a break to try publishing, and then ended up back in St. Louis at a local university as the sole Interlibrary Loan Assistant. Throughout my time I have witnessed the beginnings of electronic article delivery, consortium lending, and multiple system changes.  It’s one of the things I have always loved/hated about ILL—nothing stays the same for very long so it certainly keeps you on your toes.

I have also been fortunate to work in smaller libraries that have given me opportunities to learn a bit about managing a library, including trying to go as digital as possible.  It’s not as easy as everyone seems to think!  Now in KCMO I work to borrow and lend resources for the surrounding medical community as well as our own staff.  My favorite thing about working in ILL is getting a glimpse of what people are working on from what they are requesting and it is certainly always interesting.  I recently started my MLIS program through San Jose State University’s online program and I am interested to see how I fare as a digital learner.  I am particularly interested in Digital Asset Management and Data Science and where there is room for librarian involvement within those fields.  One thing I have always loved about ILL is the community that goes with it.  Everyone is always willing to help each other out, so having a group dedicated to helping those communities connect with each other is really exciting to me.  I can’t wait to see what we do together.


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One Response to ILL SIG Committee Introductions: Megan

  1. illspecialinterestgroup says:

    We’re glad we have people who work in specialized library settings to contribute to our group!

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