Won’t you join us? We’re accepting committee applications!

217378_origThe ILL SIG is looking for new members!


  • Applicants, if selected, must be able to attend and participate in the meetings, events, and activities of the Committee. They must be able to work between meetings and events via e-mail.
  • Applicants should have a vested interest in interlibrary loan, resource sharing, and/or document delivery. Applicants need not do these activities as primary job duties, but they should have a substantial connection with these activities in their job.

Important information:

Prospective members should discuss their interest in the Committee with their supervisors before applying. Since committee membership requires a time investment, supervisors should be made aware of their employee’s interest in participating. At the same time, supervisors should feel free to encourage participation of staff members through membership on the Committee. This is one of the primary reasons for developing the MALA ILL SIG and the Committee: to develop leadership opportunities.

The ILL SIG meets online monthly. The committee is composed of a Chair, the Chair Emeritus, a Secretary, and several Members at Large. This year, we’re filling open positions. At our first meeting, the committee will decide which members will take on various roles. Applicants should be available to devote a minimum of 2 hours per month, for committee conference calls and some outside research time. Several months a year could call for up to 8 or more hours in a month devoted to a specific project and/or event coordinated by the committee.

How to apply:

Click here for application.

Send application to siglibraryloan@gmail.com

A physical address can be provided if needed.

This letter should:

  • Not exceed two (2) pages.
  • Highlight the applicant’s past and present experience with interlibrary loan, document delivery, or resource sharing.
  • Address the applicant’s organizational, communication, and technological skills.
  • Explain any other skills, talents, or qualifications the applicant may have that may lend themselves to service on the Committee.

Get involved in the wonderful ILL community you love! We look forward to hearing from you!


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